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Return flow

Since you sign the goods for 1 years, the modern design 100 to provide you with quality assurance services, such as quality problems caused by the goods can not be used normally, when you need to return the goods, the corresponding freight by the modern design 100 to bear.

Detailed description:

1., because of the quality of goods, modern design 100 to return goods. Non commodity quality problems will not be returned.

2. please ensure that when you return the goods, ensure that the goods safe packaging, not because of the return of the transport caused new damage.

3. for your personal reasons caused by the damage of goods (such as washing, rub, leather oiling, embroidery, stamping, etc.) will not be returned.

4. when the goods are returned, please select the common logistics to send the goods back to us. Goods returned will be exempted from freight charges.

5., special or packages of goods can not be part of the return;

6., pictures and information for reference only, because of shooting lights and different display color problems, may cause goods pictures and objects have a certain color difference, should be in kind prevail.

Return flow:

1., if your order needs to be exchanged, you must first contact the modern design 100 customer service. Modern design 100 will not be accepted unless the goods are sent back directly to the customer service personnel.

2. contact the modern design 100 customer service staff, the customer service staff will help you register the return order, and will ask you the details, at the same time have to provide quality photos of the relevant products;

3., modern design 100 received returned goods, will conduct quality inspection of your goods, according to your needs corresponding operation:

1) your product is a minor problem. We will fix it for you if you agree with it;

2) unable to repair for you, for you to replace the same new goods;

3) when the new commodity is defective and cannot be used, it will replace other similar products for you;

4) when similar goods can not meet your demand for use, will return for you; 4., in order to ensure your timely return of goods, please keep your order and receipt of goods in order to verify. If it is small, we can send it by mail. Please return the order, invoice and invoice when you return it. If you have any product quality problems in your purchase, please contact the modern design 100 customer service center within 7 days. Thank you for your support of the modern design 100, the final interpretation of this rule is the modern design 100 all. If you have any questions, please call the modern design 100 customer service center, we will be happy to serve you.

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