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Installation problem

Modern design 100 sales have simplified installation steps as much as possible. It will make it easy for you to assemble DIY (self assembling) products, and we will attach the product installation instructions in the package.

Special installation tools, Modern design 100 will be for you complete! So that you do not have much effort, you can assemble the beloved furniture!

Among them, because some furniture use heavier material, it is possible that you need 2-3 people to move, please pay attention to cooperate with people. Assist in assembly!

In addition, due to some chandelier, professional qualifications are required to install, please be sure not to assemble their own in order to risk!

Other: if it is impossible to install your own, please pay for the installation of professionals!

Warm prompt: please install the process according to the instruction manual installation, please do not install savagely, if cannot solve the problem, please contact the customer service to help solve!

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