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Door to door Delivery

Modern design 100 does not include delivery fees, so you have to pay the freight so that the goods can reach your home safely, as follows:

1, you can choose the logistics company, and pay its own freight, such as collision arising in transportation and other issues, you need to negotiate with the logistics company!

2, commissioned Modern design 100 to help find the right logistics company delivery, and pay the corresponding freight. Modern design 100 is responsible for safe delivery of goods to your home. During the event of collision damage and other transportation problems, the Modern design 100 will be responsible for the return of goods and other after-sales treatment. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of customers!

3, on the logistics receipt: please check carefully before the receipt of goods packaging, such as the discovery of serious damage to the outer box, it may hurt the box of goods, please ask the logistics company to open the box inspection. If you find the goods damaged, please reject and take pictures as evidence, the first time contact with our customer service! Other goods in good condition can be signed! The customer service staff will handle the after-sale problems for you! If the outer case is intact, open the carton after receipt, found that the goods damaged, please take pictures as evidence, the first time notify our customer service staff, we will negotiate for you to deal with after-sales problems! .

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